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Tenants include...

Environmental Solutions, Inc., www.envirsol.com, was founded in May 1990. ESI is unique in having developed a multi-disciplinary organization that considers innovative business principles, economic analyses, technology and green product marketing, combined with a waste management strategy focused on beneficial use of industrial by-products and environmental technologies. They are exploring energy alternatives and are focused on projects that provide new, cost effective solutions in the marketplace.


Guardian Horse Bedding, www.guardianhorsebedding.com, is a product of Equustock, LLC and Equustock Canada, LLC. They manufacture horse bedding products in Canada and the U.S.


Ace Recycling, www.acewasterecycling.com, is a collector and processor specializing in construction and demolition debris (C&D) recycling. They process sorted or unsorted C&D, and are able to divert a majority of what they process to reuse and recycling markets. The Chester location is an all-indoor facility, built within existing buildings that were modified according to gold level US Green Building Council standards.

player   Adamson GlobalTechnology Corporation
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Adamson Global Technologies Corporation, www.adamsontank.com, are specialists in fabricating process shell and tube exchangers of all types and sizes for the chemical and petrochemical industries, refineries, utilities, the paper industry, etc. that meet all ASME and TEMA (B,C, and R) requirements.


PRI is a leading supplier of 100% post-consumer, precision recycled glass media. PRI’s glass media meets all state and federal requirements for post-consumer recycled materials. PRIVA provides a viable, long-term market for glass recycling in Virginia. Our new plant in Chester, VA can annualy recycle 60,000 tons of glass. For additional information, visit www.precisionrecycling.com.

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